Bark Academy PhoDOGraphy

Waggy Woodland Walk - £49

A fun, fresh air woodland walk experience with your pet that results in a collection of stunning images.
The locations are up to you, wether it be Waldridge Fell, Watergate Park, Hedley Hall, there are endless beautiful locations just right on our door step.
The Waggy Woodland Walk is a ‘hound’ only shoot for up to three dogs. Extra pack members @ £10 each.
Your session includes
A photoshoot in the local area lasting one hour.
Editing, polishing and preparing your images for your viewing.
You will recieve on a USB 70+ images
Unwatermarked for you to do with as you please. You will also recieve a 7×5 mounted image of your choice and a 10×8.
Bow Wochers (gift vouchers) are also available.
Please Contact us for dates.
Autumn & Winter are fantastic seasons for a waggy woodland walk and are filling up fast.